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Chungdahm (CDI) - Uijeongbu Branch

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761-1, Ceter Plaza Building 3rd Floor, Shingok-dong, Euijeongbu, Gyeonggi, South Korea
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I would like to add the Uijeongbu Chungdahm branch to the blacklist. Here is a partial list of all the stuff I experienced/witnessed while I was there. It's sad because the students are really nice and well-behaved and smart, but the administration is so awful it's sometimes scary. I really liked the kids but I wish I hadn't stayed the full year.

1. Head instructor revealed himself to and employee and attempted to give that employee sleeping medication (outside of working hours)

2. Pay women significantly less than men

3. Branch Manager stroked employee’s face without consent

4. Kicked out of apartment morning of last day of work -- not given the final night to move out

5. New instructors hosted on old instructor’s floor instead of in a hotel or own apartment

6. Hostile misogynistic work environment - racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic jokes

7. Denied contract-mandated vacation time

8. Some teachers are not paid on time or asked to accept delayed payment

9. Renegotiated contract after arrival -- contract you sign is NOT the true contract

10. Unwilling to grant emergency leave

11. Branch Manager gossips about employees’ personal information to other teachers

12. Head Instructor doesn’t show up for work, is constantly late

13. Tried to change our arrival time from 30min before class to 2hrs15min before class

14. Stated that they will never hire more women, stated they will never hire women who are “too pretty”

15. No training, told after the fact about things like reports, supplementary materials, etc as though we are supposed to psychically figure it out

16. Summer and winter intensives: work 3 extra hours per day (mornings), only paid for 1 hr of overtime

17. Lie about schedule, no advance notice of schedule changes

18. NO RED DAYS OFF - forced to work all holidays, sometimes on a morning schedule. Lunar New Year and Chuseok are rescheduled as Saturday classes.

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