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Buena Vista Concordia International School

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Buena Vista Concordia International School
BaoAn exit, GuangShen HighWay, XiCheng (Buena Vista) BaoAn, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
+86-755-2823 8166
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PLEASE READ THIS! You will be looking for a nice job in China most-likely if you're reading this. STOP and do not even consider working here. If you look online, you will see a decent website with a beautiful "looking" building, and see pictures of children other than Chinese children (from many cultures if this was truly an international school). You'll see how the "President" is in charge of the Hong Kong Synod and that the HK school received accreditation from WASC. What you won't see is that the president is the least honest man we've ever known. What you won't see is that this is NOT an international school. The pictures of the Western students are from years ago when the principal had her own kids here. Long gone. What you won't see is that this school does not even have a license to run and that it's under the umbrella of the equally dishonest finance manager's brother's school. You won't see how every single year there is a new principal. You won't see the mass exodus every year of teachers who leave because they are treated terribly by the finance office and "Reverend" in Hong Kong. You won't see the money they promise to you in your contract because they change rules to fit their excuses. You certainly won't see this school with WASC accreditation because they have lied for so many years. In seven years, this school only has 200 students. SEVEN years? No license after seven years. A new principal EVERY year. The current one was wonderful and between the corrupt relationship between HK and the finance manager is on his way back to the States. The school claims to be Common Core. It’s not. The school claims to have curriculum. They do not - it's pieced together with throwaways from other schools. Truly RUN. If you come here, you will hear how the "Reverend" will come from HK, talk only to Chinese staff and tell parents and Chinese staff how Americans are good at making weapons. He will spread rumors about his American staff. And finally, you will get to read text messages that the finance manager sends out telling Chinese staff not to be nice to the foreign teachers because she does not like foreigners. I am writing this review to save you heartache. Please do yourself a favor and do NOT even consider working here.

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With a heavy heart……title I’d say is “Not for younger people 30 and under”
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So easy to review schools badly and walk away. Please accept that teachers will have bad experiences and good experiences and likely, more bad than good will be documented BUT….In seventeen years of teaching, eleven of which were spent internationally, I’ve faced challenges and obstacles, who amongst us hasn’t? I feel as an ‘older’ teacher let’s say, I’m at a point where younger people coming to work internationally should be warned where there are bad schools, admittedly, there are many. I have never felt compelled to review a school in this manner in all my time such is the passion and disappointment I felt with this school and general sadness at an opportunity lost and the behavior older people in management showed to young 20 somethings who have risked a lot, travelled and left their families for a chance at teaching abroad. As a parent of teens myself, I would sincerely hope the questions, behavior shown by older management towards younger people just starting their careers is not encountered by them in their future.

As hinted at above, the staff have endured a year of management squabbling. One day specifically we were told by the Principal that the owners have changed suddenly and this was cause for celebration (was unsure why at that point) which scares families like mine who invest our lives into these places…… be told the next day via an email titled “The lies your principal told you” by the owner, that was not the case. We still have no idea who is in charge. Latterly a call from the collective Faculty calling for the resignation of the owners was.......ignored.

The school has changed teachers’ contracts at whim (mine twice….not for the better), not honored their side of a contract, bullied and tricked people into leaving on a number of occasions without fair reference, moved people from a school they lost and not assisted adequately in those people moving, publicly (via email) squabbled, made parents cry!, complained at teachers regards their standard of work using the old “parents are complaining” which has been proven entirely false, failed to hire qualified teachers, failed to get all staff on working visas, questioned female members of staff regards their personal lives specifically the who's? when's? and why's? of their sex life/sexual health (yes! really!) of young people, recommended who they should and should not befriend, “don’t contact him. Don’t contact her.” and demands from owners to the principal to resign later carrying on as normal when she refused leaves staff befuddled. I believe the school do think they have the best interests at heart, unfortunately it is their interests as a business and to question people on their personal lives and treat you kids who travel here looking for guidance in such a way is abhorrent.

This is only advice and not a write off, before you consider a position, contact teachers who have stayed on if you can find them, hey, things change so ask if they have changed for the better. I sincerely hope so. This is not being over cautious, this is ensuring you don’t get stuck in a dud job boys and girls. If you sign a contract, read that contract and know your rights guys. Know the legalities. Don’t be tricked or manipulated. If they attempt to trick the principal into resigning for ‘poor performance’ and not being a leader, they will try with you to. If they are happy to keep that principal all year when she refuses, you know they don’t have reasonable grounds for asking this. And yes girls and boys (mainly girls!), you do not have to answer questions about your sex lives to ANYONE.

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What a shame! No go for families or married teachers.
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Extremely disappointing especially for any teachers with families.

The school itself is lovely, beautiful and in a nice location.
The accommodation will be nice but not necessarily ready for when you get there......
Good pay. Higher wage than some other schools in Shenzhen.
High chance of enrolling teachers with less experience in 'international schools'.
The students are from 'well off' areas ensuring the parents are educated and understanding.

Principal argues with owners. Owners argue with principal and Teachers WILL be brought into this via email, meetings or ludicrous lies.
Will not assist fully with visas and zero consideration or care for family members. If you are there, that's all they care.
Massive turn around on teachers year to year.
Don't ever pay for anything the school should 'to be paid back', you won't get it. Three teachers losing upwards of $1000.
Changed principal almost every year due to owner interference.
This is NOT an IB school. If you are told it is, they are merely applying/hoping to be one at this juncture.
An international school has an interview process to ensure learners with a high level of English are enrolled......BCIS does not. Students with zero English skills will be sat next to learners from the unfair to them.

The above has been complied by the experiences of six teacher in full employment with the school. Our experience may not necessarily be the same as yours. Enjoy!

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