FasTracKids - Yongin

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      A small but decent place to work. School is 4 classes of kindergarten and 3 classes of elementary students which makes it very homely and all the kids know who you are. The curriculum is amazing! It focuses on content learning including science, cooking, acting, music, history and social studies. The boss is very hands off also and gives you ultimate freedom over what goes on in the classroom. She's very accommodating of new ideas and pretty much just gives you the opportunity to do whatever you like. Downsides is organisation between the management and Korean teachers. Basically, they couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery and most plans are made on a whim at the last moment. There are some dodgy practices going on there but nothing as major as some hagwons. The place is kindergarten so technically no foreign teacher can teach there, but 90% of your job will be teaching there. I've been paid late (2 or 3 days maximum) pretty much every month. Part of the job is taking the school bus with the kids which is terrible. The work load can be harsh at times but the boss rewards hard work and if you perform well she will regularly give you free periods and ask someone else to take your class. Honestly, it's a great place to work if you have a good head on your shoulders and will stand up for yourself in a polite way. The boss can be useless at times but if you bring things to her attention then she will try her best to help you. This job isn't for someone who will complain on Internet forums but not say anything to the owner.