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      Do not work for First Leap Danyang. Do not trust Career China. Here's why. I worked for First Leap Danyang from October 2019 to December 2019. Danyang is a sub city of the city Zhenjiang. Zhenjiang is part of Jiangsu Province in China. I gave my authenticated TEFL and police check to Career China in order to process my Z visa. After I got my work permit, Career China gave my documents to First Leap instead of me. First Leap Danyang keeps the foreign teachers' work permit card, TEFL certificate, and police check. They did this to ensure that no teacher goes to another school. After they terminated me, I found out that it is against the law for the Chinese employers to keep the teachers’ documents and work permit card. The sad part is that some of the foreign teachers currently working there are not aware of this. I made the dumb mistake to let the employer set up my bank account and sim card. I found out that I could set them up without an employer’s help. Also, the company provided a free apartment to its foreign workers. One of the Chinese workers came to my apartment without my permission. She left my door open. Also, she told the company that my room was dirty. I complained about this problem to the former employer's assistant (Pony) and Pony did not care. When First Leap Danyang terminated me, they did not pay me my salary for December. Also, I worked overtime in November and they did not pay me for all my overtime work. Also, the new employer assistant, Summer, wanted to cancel my work permit and resident permit. She asked me to pay for the fee to cancel both permits. She told me that she would pay me my money for December and over time work after canceling the permits. I told her to give me some time to find another job. I told her that once I get a new job in China, then First Leap can transfer the work permit to the new employer. I did not want to go back to my home country and go through the lengthy process of getting another Z visa. She did not want to co-operate with me. She wanted to get rid of my permits as soon as possible. Also, Career China supported First Leap Danyang in trying to cancel my permits. Summer told me that Career China will help me find a new job. Career China told me in order for me to apply for a new job in China, First Leap had to cancel the permits, which is a lie. Summer told me to go with her to the exit and entry administration in Danyang to cancel them. I told her that I did not want to go. She told me that she will come to my apartment to discuss the matter. I showed my messages that I got from Summer to my friend, who is an experienced English teacher in China. I told the situation to my friend. My friend came to the conclusion that the school is bad. My friend told me to leave the apartment before she comes there. I left without telling her. After I left, she and Career China told me to come back to Danyang to cancel the permits but I ignored their messages. After I left, I reported this matter to the consular officer of the Canadian Embassy in China. The officer called First Leap Danyang employer (her name is Cindy) about my documents and not paying me my money. The employer refused to return my documents ( my tefl certificate and police check) and my work permit card. Also, Cindy told the consular officer that she wanted to pay my salary for December, which is a lie. After the phone call, I talked to my Chinese bank and they told me I did not receive my pay from First Leap. I called yesterday to my bank and they told me I still did not get my pay from First Leap. The embassy did not want to help me in getting my documents back and my money. The consular officer told me they do not want to deal with legal matters. So the embassy was useless in this matter. According to the offer letter that I got from Career China, First Leap Danyang was supposed to me pay me after tax money. However, I signed the contract, which was different from the offer letter. The contract did not mention after tax. So they started to take some tax from the salary. Also, the contract mentioned that I would get 2000 rmb if I got a KPI score of 1, which was not mentioned in the offer letter. I was a fool not to recognize the differences from the offer letter and the contract. They did this on purpose to pay the employers less. Also, I did not take the contract home with me in order to read it thoroughly. I signed the contract the same day that Pony gave it to me. So this is my fault. The Danyang branch have awful human beings: the employer ( Cindy) and the employer’s assistants, Pony and Summer. Do not trust big known recruiters like Career China. Please learn from my mistakes. Please share this post with others. Please tell me what other websites I can share this review with. I want more people to know about this.