Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

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107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu Seoul South Korea



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      - Was poorly managed / organized - Did Not treat their employees appropriately - Provided inadequate housing This Foreign Language Uni is hostile to foreigners (Spanish Prof&President). Forging Professors signatures to graduate failed, unqualified students,restricting travel and movement of foreign Profs, unpaid for publications....... Another situation where foreigners are treated like monkeys and Korean staff steal work and rights to work (Master of Ed program originally started by foreign ladies, Korean Prof.Cha takes over and claims it as her own). Foreign language Testing Training Center(Flttc) is mismanaged. Staff routinely embezzle. Co-ordinator Cho is a maniac. Openly seeks out and targets workers for poor performance yet can hardly speak or instruct herself. Extremely negative work environment. Apartments and living arrangements are routinely invaded. Security guards, cleaners, Korean Professors and administrrators routinely go into foreign professors living quarters/Apts., in their absence. Jewelry and other items have been stolen, complaints made but no one does anything to stop it. AVOID THIS UNIVERSITY KOREANS THINKS IT IS A GOOD SCHOOL BUT IT IS TERRIBLE TO WORK AT. ----- The above review was submitted on a previous version of ESL List, which had a different rating system. Due to this, we've opted to leave off the star rating, but the rest of the review is exactly how it was submitted by the reviewer.