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Yatai street 3766, Changchun, Jilin, China



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    • Native English speakers can do much better




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      Was recruited to work at this company in May, 2019. First thing I noticed on arrival was the broken English of all the Eastern Europeans and Latin American this company hires. Native English speakers make up less than 5% of recruits for this company. Simple reason it non-native recruits work for half as much pay and accept lower conditions. Seemed I was the only native-English speaker with a legitimate certified degree there. Things didn't work out and the company attempted me to take a 50% pay cut form 16,000 yuan/R.M.B a month to 8,000 yuan/R.M.B to work full time at a university. When I requested to have my work visa/residency permit transferred to an employer that would pay a decent salary it got scary. Maggie the C.E.O of Injoy Education initially said the transfer was impossible then she demanded 26,000 yuan /R.M.B in an act of shameless blatant extortion. Had to cancel my visa/residency permit and return to Hong Kong for a new visa/residency permit. But now happily working at a decent company for 18,000 yuan/R.M.B a month over twice as much as what Maggie, Injoy Education offered.