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      Peter Duffy was a very charismatic, friendly recruiter. His interview manner was more of a short chat, than an actual interview. He didn’t ask any questions about theory or practice. He was usually quick to reply to emails during the application/interview stage. Once the position was secured, he was no longer in contact. When there were problems with the placement, he was no longer in contact. He seemed confident about the placement school, offering a lot of details about the placement. Unfortunately, I learned a majority of those details were incorrect upon arrival. He gave incorrect information about the grade level placement; the working hours (+10 hours/ week); Contact/Teaching hours (+15 hours/week); Holiday schedule (less than stated); Role in the classroom (not just English teacher); Extra duties (which outweighed actual teaching time). He also explained that the bad reviews online were no longer relevant, as the school had new management, which was not correct. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use this recruitment service, he provided a lot of misinformation to get me to sign a contract, and did not reply to emails once I was placed and he had been paid his commission.