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Guangzhou, Guangdong, China




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      Employee Benefits

      Your school, schedule, and teaching hours are subject to change after you arrive in China, even after your contract is signed. They say they offer a "salary" but you are actually paid per teaching hour. Little support in the way of lesson planning or resources. The company owns every PPT and worksheet you make, even though planning time is unpaid. There is an illegal breach-of-contract clause in the employment contract stating that teachers must pay a fine of over 40,000RMB if under three months' notice is given if you want to leave. The academic department is supposed to be a go-between for the company and the school but they are disorganised, out-of-touch with what happens in an actual classroom, and often provide incorrect information to teachers. During COVID-19, the company ignored employees' questions about salary for over a month, withheld payment, offered an illegally low sum of money and threatened to terminate our work and residence permits (in the middle of a pandemic) if we did not accept their offer within three days, giving employees little time to seek legal advice. This company is formerly known as Guangzhou Worlda, who appear on many teaching blacklists. Shameful organization.