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  • Use the "Listing Title" for the listing's official name. For listings with multiple locations, append the listing title with the location.
    For example; "ESL School: Seoul Branch".
  • Please use the local address format
    (see examples in Wikipedia).
  • Use the "Summary" field for a description of the ESL location, not a review. After submitting a listing, you can view the listing and submit a review.
  • The more accurate your information is, the more helpful it will be to other ESL teachers.

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  • Listing your location on ESL List will allow you to post jobs1, teachers to submit reviews.

For Listed Locations:

  • If your ESL location has already been listed on ESL List, navigate to it and click the "Claim Listing" link.
  • Once you've submitted the required info and if everything checks out, we will give you access to your listing.

Other Languages

1 Only ESL locations that maintain an average of 3/5 stars will be allowed to post jobs.